Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission

Rada pre vysielanie a retransmisiu

The Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission is an administrative body which executes state regulation in the field of radio and TV broadcasting, retransmission and on-demand audiovisual media services.
The mission of the Council is to enforce the public interest in the exercise of the right to information, freedom of expression, and the rights of access to cultural values and education. The Council shall ensure the maintenance of plurality of information in the news programmes of public service broadcasters and licensed broadcasters.
The Council is a legal entity with its seat in Bratislava. For the purposes of performance of the state administration in the areas of broadcasting, retransmission, and the provision of on-demand audiovisual media services, it has the status of a state administration authority on the national level to the extent determined by the Act on Broadcasting and Retransmission and other specific legislation.